November 11, 2017

Sleep is super important. In fact, it's essential to healthy living and improving your fitness level. However, not all of us can or do get 7 to 9 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. Sadly, our professions, habits or health might interfere with getting this amount of sleep regardless of how necessary it is. Even knowing that your body does is repairing and recovering when we sleep doesn't stop folks from skimping on this necessity. Not all hope is lost. You can get your sleep in by NAPPING. 


I'm a big fan of napping. It helps me get to my 7 to 9 hours of sleep in a 24 hour period. I started this habit soon after House of fitness and myself parted ways.


When I was GM at HOF I had a consistent schedule usually starting around 7am and ending around 3pm to 5pm Monday through Friday and I ran a Sunday~Funday workout. That was my week and it was easy to keep my sleep schedule pretty consistent. But, once I left HOF and was again an independent trainer I found I had to start my day around 6am and my day sometimes doesn't finish until around 8pm or 9pm. THIS is a long day! Once I get home at 8:30pm or so, I need time to wind down before going to sleep, making it difficult to get to sleep before 10:30-11am. Then getting up again at 5am or 6am makes it difficult to get my required sleep. I need an hour to get myself ready to leave, most of that hour is spent sipping coffee and reading the news. Sooooo, to make a long story short getting to bed around 11am and getting up at 5am doesn't work for someone like myself. Someone who works out pretty much everyday (I know, not recommended), but I do it anyway. So, I nap! 


Here is how my typical Monday - Friday goes. After my morning sessions are over, usually around 9 or 10am. I get home, eat my favorite late breakfast of 3 hard boiled eggs and protein pancakes, dim the lights and quiet my room, I set my apple watch to go off in a half and hour or sometimes even an hour, put on my sleep mask and away I go. Sometimes, I don't fall right to sleep and sometimes I don't get to sleep at all, but just lying still is restful. 


I have to admit, it's hard for me to jump out of bed once my nap is over, it's really hard, but once I get my feet on the ground I'm good to go. I'm energized for my night sessions and usually fall asleep like clockwork right around 10:30am. 


Try it for yourself if you find you're not getting the sleep you need. Remember, being sleep deprived has many negative factors like memory loss, achy muscles, depression, developing of false memories, to name a few. 


I would love to hear some of your stories of sneaking in some nap time. Or even post about how you fall asleep easier. 





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