WWBD?! (What would Batman do?)

May 20, 2017



"How the f*ck do I get these workouts done, I'm super busy!" I can't tell you how many times I've heard a variation of this phrase. My reply is usually something like, "Let me ask you this, do you think Batman is too busy to workout?" I know it sounds ridiculous, but whenever I get my willpower put to the test I always channel my inner Superhero. I just ask myself "What would Batman do?" See, I think there is a Superhero living in all of us. It's what we call upon when things get a little rough. It's that extra kick in the ass to get things done, it's that extra motivation to get that extra rep or pick up that heavier weight. 


I get it, your busy AF! It's hard to workout when you need to get shit done, because getting shit done is essential to a happy life in this wacky world of ours. However, with a few minor tweaks in your day to day lifestyle you can have your crazy life and be fit too, just like your favorite Superhero manages to do. After all, who wants to go through a crazy busy live without looking and feeling good? I don't, that's for sure. I want to look like Batman or Spiderman. And facts are, looking and feeling good will only make you more productive. I know lawyers and doctors that put working out, eating right and recovering properly high on their list of priorities; not only does it makes them more productive, it elicits an immediate response from people they meet for the first time. So, when things get rough, they've figured out how to channel their inner Superhero. My lawyer friend tells me there is nothing like being fit and walking into a room of overweight lawyers gathered around the 'snacks' table. He loves the way being fit puts him on a pedestal, especially when he's in a trail and addressing a jury. His lawyer buddies ask him what he is doing to look so good? They can't believe it when he tells he's simply found away to make time for EATING RIGHT, WORKING OUT REGULARLY and REST/RECOVER. 


So how do we juggle the demands of life, all the while looking and feeling awesome? Well, believe it or not, there are tons of busy people out there just like you and I who do it all the time. No, they don't all have private chefs and expensive personal trainers. They simply took the time to gather the information they needed and developed and executed a well thought out plan. Like any SUPERHERO would do.


So pull up your leggings and snap on your gloves because I'm going to help you Channel Your Inter Superhero by following a few guide lines. I know, guide lines suck, and I wish there were a better way of dialing up some much needed will power, but there really isn't. You just have figure out a way to WANT to see results, you have to trick yourself. Guide lines are in place to make the path those results a no brainer. So, suck it up Buttercup, life is still going to be awesome. In fact, following these guide lines will make life even awesomer, and that's not even a word. So, wake up that Superhero because you got work to do.


Rule #1:


Eat Right!! Duh, how many f*cking times have your hear that? But, eating right has many meanings. It's not only about what you eat and when to eat, but it's also about how much you eat and being your own baby sitter and not falling victim to your own devilish desires. You probably find yourself in unavoidable situations where you're temped to eat crap; so you'll need to trick yourself and change the way you deal with these situations. For instance, you don't get to hang around the snacks table at work. Nope, those days are over. So, bring your own snacks and make sure the snacks you bring are better than the crap they're trying to stuff down your throat at work, in fact, ALWAYS choose food your find delicious. You don't have to be a slave to your taste buds, there are plenty of snacks out there that are awesome and way better nutritionally or you can do what I do; when you see some folks gathered around the empty calorie trough, just think to yourself "I'm so much better than those people" you know, something Superhero-like. But, it's like that, you have to put yourself on a different level than others, because you ARE different. You have to have more will power than they do. Period. You think Batman or Batwoman starts their day with a pastry and a coke? Maybe after a night of binge drinking, but they only do that on thier birthdays. So, get your mindset dialed in and fix what you shove down your throat. If you're not quite sure how to do that, then ASK ME for a meal plan. This is the first rule on the list because it is probably the most important rule and the one rule most tend to avoid.


Here are a few tips:


1. Slow the f*ck down when you're eating. Many folks I work with tend to over eat because they are so hungry when they sit to eat that they start shoveling food. Their solution to losing weight is starve during the day, then eat a big dinner, but they're so hungry they end up binge eating on food they shouldn't be messing with in the first place. You can end up eating almost 50% more food if you eat too fast. If you take your time and actually enjoy the food you've cooked you may find you don't eat as much. 


2. Only cook what you plan to eat. Don't over cook, or if you do, box it up and put it away before you sit down to eat. Remove the temptation to eat more that one plate of food. Typically you shouldn't need more than that. If you cook for your family see rule #1, then only fill your plate once. 


3. Educate yourself on how macro nutrients work in the body. There is a lot of information out there on carbs, protein, fiber and dietary fats. Get to know how theses nutrients and how they work in the body and then you can start to make better decisions when it comes to buying food.


4. Make smarter choices. It's really more about what you buy and no so much about what you eat. Make smarter choices when you buy your food, even if its at a fast food restaurant (if that's the only option you have). For example, I ate lunch at a Chipotle 4-5 days a week for about 2 years, no joke! But I gave myself 2 healthy (for the most part) options I would stick to. I was able to maintain a 12% or less body fat for that period of time. I would go between the burrito with no beans, xtra protein (on recovery days, no soy EVER), peppers and onions, mild and hot salsa and sometimes I'd add cheese or I would order a burrito bowl with beans, rice, protein (no soy EVER, EVER), avocado with a bag of baby chips (my naughty). I rarely swayed from these two options. Even though it was fast food, I still managed to make sensible rules and stick to them. When you're out grocery shopping, don't but that big bag of potato chips, maybe choose pop corn instead and pop your own, and never go grocery shopping hungry. Find simple ways to make better choices. Read your labels. 



Rule #2:


Workout regularly. I know, you don't always have an hour 3-4 times a week where you can stop everything and workout. You've got family, work, a social life, shit to do! There is no way you can workout. Well, let me ask you this, if a doctor told you you had a rare disease that was terminal and you only had a few months to live unless you started working out regularly, would you figure it out then? Of course you would, because it would all-of-a-sudden really matter. Well, find a way to make it matter, is your Superhero going to walk around with his/her gut sticking out? I think not! Working out will not only increase your life span (barring any sudden accidents), but you'll be healthier for those kids, experience less pain when you get older, prevent injuries like falling down a breaking a hip, not only that but you'll be a bad ass example for your friends and family. Does it matter more now? If you can only squeeze in a half an hour or 15 minutes ever other day then that's a start. Also, if you don't know what to do when you do find time workout TALK TO ME, I have the solutions.


Here are a few tips:


1. Plan ahead of time. Set up your week with workouts scheduled and be realistic with this plan because you have to stick to it. 


2. When all else fails, take small workout breaks through out the day. You'd be surprised and what doing just pushups, squat or lunges for 5 minutes will do. 


3. 2-3, 30 minute workouts a week is a good plan if you're just starting out. And be consistent, you want to stick to your current plan long enough to get a little bored with it. That tells me your body is acclimated. 


4. Use compound movements. Don't have a lot of time and you only have a couple of dumbbells, great do 50 thrusters. Stick with the fundamentals, squats, push ups, pull ups, explosive movements. 


Rule #3:


Rest and recover, better known as 'Chill out'! Rest and recovery are equally as important as working out and eating right. Don't consider taking a well earned day off of working out sabotage, consider it part of the big picture. Rest IS working out. It prepares your body for the next workout, our bodies do its repairing while you sleep. Your hormones go into hyperdrive and build back torn muscle fiber, ease those stiff joints and prepare you for the next awakening. 


Here are a couple tips:


1. Stress less. Sleep, walk, sit in a park, meditate, get a massage, read, do all those things that don't require much thought or energy. Give your body and mind an opportunity to experience comfort.


2. Sleep at least 7-9 hours a night. I hear folks tell me they average 5-6 hours a night and I'm like "I would be a raging maniac if I only slept that much". For those of you out there that don't sleep enough and claim you feel 'Fine', you may think your getting away with it now, but it will catch up to you. You have to let your body recover.


3. Make sleeping a ritual. You eat a big meal, read up on your favorite workout blog or novel while sipping a cup of tea, get comfy in bed, close out all sound and light, then turn your mind off.



Rule #4:


Have a short memory. You're going to cheat on your diet. You will miss a workout. You might drink too much. You're going to get sick. Life is going to throw you curve balls. So, if for some unforeseen reason you miss a workout or eat a crappy meal, don't beat yourself up over it. Correct your diet or get a workout in and move on. 



I hope you found these rules and tips helpful. Channeling your inner Superhero isn't as hard as you think. She/He is in you, you just have to call upon them. Once you start down the path of making good choices, habits will soon form and you'll be well on your way to the body you deserve. 


Don't hesitate to reach out to me if you need further help or support, michaeldegood@mac.com. 







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