Since joining the fitness industry in 1999, I have been a Personal Trainer,

General Manager, Director of Training, as well as an Owner/Operator of several independent fitness facilities in Los Angeles.

With society's shift to the technological sector we sit more and more, it's not a choice so much as a necessity.


Now more than ever. maintaining a consistent exercise regimen forges the foundations of your essential

'Ever Ready' body.

Studying martial arts & high level athletics began my desire to learn about how the body moves. My goal has always been to remain curious in a constantly evolving fitness industry, keeping myself grounded in exercise fundamentals,

while immersing myself in latest fitness trends.


I passionate about helping others reach their fitness goals, but I see the importance of maintaining my own top physical condition. I believe this is a must among fitness professionals - a great Chef must sample their food - a great coach must experience as many movements and exercise modalities as possible.


Knowing when to change up your workout modalities will ultimately yield the best results. 

My skills, education & experience make me a

Fitness Programming Specialist.

My philosophy is very simple, train smart, 

train hard, rest, recover and repeat.

With a fun & challenging workout program 

that is expertly progressed, along with

a targeted meal plan,

I can get you there. 

Michael  DeGood


Mike Degood is amazing.  I've been training with him for about 4 months now.  He helps set and work toward goals.  I am so much more toned and energized than I was when we got started.  He changes things up often so the workouts are never the same.  He is also very smart about healthy eating and diet.  He is a great go to for all advice about nutrition and lifestyle outside the gym.

- Sarah M.